Radio Metamix broadcast on FBi Radio’s Ears Have Ears

The radiophonic feature Radio Metamix, a 2007 collaboration between Lloyd Barrett, Lucas Darklord, Buttress O’Kneel, Rik Rue and Shannon O’Neill, was broadcast on Sunday February 26, 2012 on FBi Radio’s Ears Have Ears.



VOX This edition of Eleveneleven features a myriad of voices. Different voices with different perspectives, some familiar, some strange. Actually mostly strange, or estranged. We bring these outsiders inside for a delightful and unpredictable conversation.


AF044 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 14.6: Avant-Tarde: Tardcore

Compop 14.6: Avant-Tarde: Tardcore

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After touring extensively, including the National Gallery in Canberra, the University of Woollongong, and the Arthouse in Melbourne, Buttress took the new songs she’d been trying out on audiences (like ‘Dexodus’ and ‘I Like’) and placed them alongside live experiments with AudioMulch (with source material ranging from Guns N Roses, to Crystal Waters, to Wu Tang Clan), as well as several pieces she’d composed for other projects (including ‘Some Assembly Required’s 50/50 compilation). Continues in her fine tradition of straddling the line between breakcore, mashup, and pure dada.



Dick Whyte (a.k.a. Supercomposer)Dick Whyte (a.k.a. Supercomposer) is a conceptual artist, film-maker, musician and academic from New Zealand. This mix explores the relationship between noise, conceptual music, the legal ramifications of copyright and remix culture, drawing on Whyte’s personal collection of unreleased artists, bloggers and bootlegs to create a cut-up soundscape of radio plunderphonics.



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