AF024 - Secret Killer of Names

Secret Killer of Names

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Lloyd Barrett has spent the last 5 years working on a suitable sound for this project – with the only official release being a “cover” of the Coil track “Spastiche” on the Balance tribute album “the loneliest link in a very strange chain”. While retaining the sidereal nature of Coil, SKON has become inextricably linked to guitar worship. Channelling nocturnal emissions from spirit landscapes both internal and extraterrestrial this however is no G3 style tech hysteria. Lloyd’s guitar “gods” include Justin Broadrick, Snakefinger, Sunn O))), James Plotkin and Birchville Cat Motel.


01 Tumbleweed Magus 4:38
02 Satyraest 4:26
03 Drawing Spirits 6:20
04 Shards of Influence 5:05
05 Wedlok 4:51
06 Pushing the Square 5:50
07 100 Suns 3:49
08 Nest 6:05

Total Time 41:04

Made by Lloyd Barrett, Brisbane, 2007

2007 Alias Frequencies AF024

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