AF032 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 7.2: MemeCore

Compop 7.2: MemeCore

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Following on from the broken shitcore of Compop 6.66, Buttress gives us the second in her “core” trilogy; a meme-splicing dadaist culture-tweaking album that straddles both the worlds of breakcore and mashup, to create something truly unique.  With several tracks blending together to create longer pieces (“aural meme-couplets” as she calls them), this album draws its sources from the likes of Skyhooks, the Pussycat Dolls, and Shakira.  To accompany the frenetic and sometimes-painful breakcore tracks, she intersperses them with pure mash tracks like “Get One Thing Right” (where she simply places J-Lo and Amerie over each other), and ends with an insane live drone track, recorded live at Black Lotus’s “ArseCore”, 2006.  Interwebmegalink-approved.


01 The End of the Universe 6:10
02 Insane 1:07
03 I’m Not American 6:33
04 Get One Thing Right 3:36
05 My BLIPS Don’t Lie 4:05
06 Manbaahtiu 3:00
07 Xtego 3:46
08 Fuck or Shit 1:15
09 Cunt and Dick 4:01
10 Sexylove Skyline 5:19
11 Licksexy Backshots 4:06
12 Losing Up My Buttons 2:22
13 The Drone of the Broken Pop-Mill 5:00

Total time: 50:15

Track 13 recorded live at ArseCore 2006. Thanks to Cat-Grrl, Xian and the Black Lotus. All rights reversed Buttress O’Kneel, December 2006.

2009 Alias Frequencies AF032

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