AF034 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 9.2: PostCoreCore

Compop 9.2: PostCoreCore

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After her triumphant “core” series was wrapped up with the invention of “corecore”, Buttress was determined to be the first to go beyond it.  So, while others were still trying to come to terms with the concepts behind “corecore”, she created the mind-bending new genre “post-corecore”.  Not only does this album apply the tools and strategies developed in the “core” trilogy to works by artists such as Yes, Rihanna, Madonna, and the B-52’s, but it again extends the “core” genre with the inclusion of heart-breaking MOR ballads, stretched noisescapes, drone-based live material, and her infamous Windows-cracking track that was used to close the documentary “Steal this Film II”.  Interwebmegalink-approved.


01 Die-About 5:51
02 Ungberella 4:49
03 Goodbye My Healer 4:56
04 Lungdon (Picadilly Circus Mix) 2:26
05 The Key (Live 27 11 07) 4:55
06 Balls (Macho Man Mix) 3:31
07 Dreamers Dreaming (Live 27 11 07) 12:04
08 Hot as an Oven (Circus Maximus Mix) 2:51
09 Underspace 6:52
10 Kung-Fu-Core 4:06
11 Ddonnttcchhaa 6:31
12 Unclelover 2:07
13 All In Cheque 2:03
14 Breaking Windows 4:22

Total time: 1:07:19

All tracks fuckedwith by B””’O””’K. All rights reversed 2007. “The Key” and “Dreamers Dreaming” recorded straight to cassette at Guitar and Plunger Studios, Reservoir.

Balls is dedicated to all the rampant testosterone found in the breakcore movement.

“PostCoreCore” is an Interwebmegalink permaculture initiative.

2009 Alias Frequencies AF034