AF037 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 13.4: Theoretical Metapop

Compop 13.4: Theoretical Metapop

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With her Snares-influences fading, Buttress returned to her unique musickal place, straddling pop, mashup, and breakcore, this time creating a musical flow that brings to mind her ground-breaking “MegaMegamix”, and the “meme-couplets” of “MemeCore”.  With a blend of glitch-pop and mashcore, and such sources as Madonna, Dethklok, Bowie, Dead Kennedys, Portishead, and Popcorn, O’Kneel creates a break-heavy megamix that pauses only to deliver every expletive Samuel L Jackson unleashes in “Pulp Fiction”, condensed into one single surreal stream of abuse, before screeching back off again into popmangled madness.  This is the album that MySpace wouldn’t let her upload.  Interwebmegalink-approved.


01 Imagination 4:31
02 Orangutans 6:02
03 Planetarium 6:04
04 Holiday 6:00
05 Storm 4:34
06 Love 4:32
07 Darkness 5:52
08 Sweet 4:30
09 The Ragged Hole 4:23
10 Bbachpsea 3:58
11 Bbachpsea 2 4:36
12 Samuel Motherfucking Jackson 1:51
13 Your Pop Aint Saving Shit 6:00
14 The Flaw 6:38

Total time: 1:09:21

Written and produced by Buttress O’Kneel.

All rights reversed 2008.

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2009 Alias Frequencies AF037