AF039 – BOK Darklord

BOK Darklord

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Quite possibly one of the greatest albums ever made, this untitled release is the meeting of two of Australia’s most interesting, most underground, and most belligerently misanthropic sound-artists.  Any collaboration between Buttress O’Kneel, with her sample-happy postpop cheeky-as-a-schoolgirl breakmashing, and Lucas Darklord, with his dark grinding corporate evil-as-a-business-retreat scrapescapes, was sure to be extreme.  But their decision to cover the entirety of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, track by track, using no source-material but the original songs themselves, makes an extremity that will perhaps awaken the sleeping Rock Gods, dormant since Bonham’s untimely vomit-inhaling demise.  A rock-purist’s worst nightmare, and a sample-police’s greatest dream, this album marks the year 2009 as a year when THINGS CHANGED.

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01 Black Dog 8:20
02 Rock and Roll 4:04
03 The Battle of Evermore 12:04
04 Stairway to Heaven 2:12
05 Misty Mountain Hop 9:03
06 Four Sticks 7:56
07 Going to California 7:53
08 When the Levee Breaks 17:16
09 Untitled 9:09

Total time: 1:17:52

Made by Buttress O’Kneel and Lucas Darklord, 2009.

2009 Alias Frequencies AF039

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