AF042 – Spinal Machine – Scraping It Hard

Spinal Machine

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So prolific was John Watermann, that in 1991 he began releasing cassettes of his music under a number of aliases, including Total Disease, Radio Mull, and Spinal Machine, on his label Nightshift Records.

‘Scraping It Hard’ was Watermann’s first release as Spinal Machine. Its four tracks range from minimal electronics, to cutups, to soundscape manipulations.



We would just like to thank all the artists and guest programmers who have contributed to making 2010 a great year for the Eleven Eleven podcast. Have a happy holiday season. We’ll be back in 2011.

Christmas *special* by Shane Jesse Christmass aka Mattress Grave.

Mattress Grave is the musical and sound permutation of Shane Jesse Christmass, the Perth-born, Melbourne-based writer.



Howitzer Industries

Outside In, or “Hey, look at what I almost stepped in!”

This mix will most likely be interpreted as:

a) An increasingly raucous collection of seemingly disparate musics
b) A cacophonous descent into unseemliness
c) A musical analysis of the 38 minute Anglo-Zanzibar war of 1896
d) A virulent cheese dream

Howitzer Industries is Adrian Bertram, incorporating the work of Lieutenant Colonel Spastic Howitzer, Black Pig, League of Infinite Justice and various fractions of Winner and Wake Up and Listen. Active in Sydney since the early 90s Bertram continues worrying sound to this day.



Guest Programmer
Grist (Melbourne)

Sacred Abyss
This podcast takes the far edges of the sprawling ambient terrain (from Eno to Utarm, from Bowie to Avenaim), and folds them back in on each other. Grist is the shamanic black drone ritual guise of A Demon Sheen.




Guest Programmer
Gentleforce (Sydney)

“This mix is from me to you. It is best listened to on headphones by yourself. It was designed to be heard at sunrise or sunset whilst walking outside. This mix will heal a broken heart and keep you warm if you are cold. I hope you enjoy the music… Gentleforce.”

Gentleforce is Sydney artist Eli Murray. Eli has been a dj and promoter in the underground dance movement for over ten years now. He released his debut album “Sacred Spaces” in 2010 on Feral Media. Since then he has kept himself busy doing several sound/visual projects including designing the cover for Cyclic Defrost Magazine (Issue 26) as well as co-creating a audio/visual installation titled “Dusk” for the Underbelly Arts Project as part of angryPixel collective.



Wayne Funnel

Guest Programmer
Wayne Funnel (AUS)

Wayne Funnel is a freelance Science/Historical Correspondent with ABC Radio Australia. His illustrated talks are also regularly broadcast during The Night Air, the cult “listening for pleasure” program heard from 8:30 pm on Sunday evenings on ABC Radio National.

For this 11:11 podcast Wayne has prepared an especially extended admixture of his unique commentary interspersed with surprisingly entertaining musical items.



Guest Programmer
Lloop (USA)

Long Distance Phonecall
The first phone was a drum. The podcast is walkie talkie with New York in the 60’s. Skype with a Rasta on a space colony. Your mobile phone is drunk on magnetics. Drums!! … Long distance!!

Lloop (aka Rich Panciera) moved to NYC in a band with Douglas Israel in 1990. He got involved with Lalalandia in the crazy Williamsburg Brooklyn scene, worked at and helped build Bassmind studios, was a member of We™, co-founded Share NYC & Share Wien (, and now starting very very soon. His releases include his solo album “Bulbb’s” and as band member of We™, all available through the agriculture.




Guest Programmer
Blind (Canberra, AUS)

Blind (aka David Finig) is a pharmacy assistant, writer and theatre-maker dwelling in Canberra, Australia. Since 2001, more than twenty of David’s full-length and one-act playscripts have been produced for seasons by companies in Australia, the Philippines and the United States. David co-directs the Crack Theatre Festival, a national festival and forum for performing artists which takes place annually in Newcastle as part of This Is Not Art, Australia’s largest media arts festival.

The battery of noises encased in this podcast come from a few key sources: flickering madly between stations on the FM dial of a handheld radio; collaborations with a range of musicians and sound artists; tunes recorded with Diplodocus, a trio featuring Paul Heslin (laptop, processes), Chris Finnigan (guitar, FX) and my self (words); and finally, SUN DRUGS.



Guest Programmer
Jacqui O’Reilly (Sydney, AUS)

Jacqui O’Reilly is a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Emerging from the folk underworld into new electronic music by way of passion, projects and people, Jacqui has prepared the Emerge Outside podcast.

The podcast features a thirty minute improvised soundscape that was recorded live at the Emerge Outside performance at Performance Space, CarriageWorks in Sydney. Emerge Outside, a project conceived by Jacqui O’Reilly and Randolf Reimann (Tra La La Blip), was built on the notion that hidden outside mainstream society, people exist with a passion for music making, who often do not get a chance to inhabit a creative space, or access new technologies and artistic processes, due to social and physical barriers systemic in our society.



Odyssey Two

Jennifer Teo

Happy New Year folks. Welcome 2010!

Odyssey Two is a mix of music we have enjoyed this summer, opening with a crazy dance track Family Galaxy by Tim Exile. We also hear from Ellen Allien, Tipsy, Krazy Baldhead, Sonmi451 and more, plus from Australia we hear an excerpt from the new Alias Frequencies Radio Metamix.