AF028 - Lucas Darklord - Handheld Apocalypse

Lucas Darklord - Handheld Apocalypse

Selections from Anthologies 2 & 3

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These selections represent a sample of individual works, experiments and never-to-be finished pieces produced between 2005 and 2007. Some pieces mark the beginnings of failed projects or redundant tangents, whilst others came to be for unknown reasons. All compositions are intended for most appropriate use in managerial meeting rooms, excecutive boardrooms, vaults, darkness, at volume and with influence. It is advised that this composition be played in all work places both before and after work each day. This music is without genre and is Dark Corporate Techno, Dark Grinding Corporate Ambience, Dark Corporate Art Core and 21st Century All Family Punk. As such it is intended for consumption by all, and so it should be. Music for Everyone. If you listen, you’ll hear that Lucas Darklord is pleased that you are.



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AF027 – Lloyd Barrett & Paul Forbes-Mitchell – Humming through Schizophonic Air

Humming through Schizophonic Air

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The pieces on this album were created using a specially designed system code-named “Habitat”. Autonomous artificial agents feed on live and prepared sound and vision, excreting their own mutated variations which are then collected and presented for listener edification. The process is the culmination of combined research by Paul and Lloyd in the construction of a live electro-acoustic audiovisual engine that draws from both academic and underground practices. All material presented was originally generated live and has been edited only to remove fatty excesses.



Mistress of Ceremonies

Jennifer Teo (Sydney)

Happy New Year folks and welcome to the first show for 2009!!

Several new releases are featured this month including the opening track Untitled #175 by Francisco Lopez & Lawrence English, from the album HB on French label Baskaru. Also new from Baskaru is Live Journeys, a selection of live performances by mixed-media band Symbiosis Orchestra.

The podcast title, Mistress of Ceremonies, is a track from the new Joe Frawley release Ritual Research. An extremely enjoyable listening experience, the album is available for free download through the Clinical Archives net label.



'Shannon O'Neill

Guest Programmer
Shannon O’Neill (Sydney)

Shannon O’Neill is an artist, academic and curator who works across music, radio, Internet, performance, text, video and installation. Shannon works as a lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney and is currently completing a PhD in music at the University of Wollongong.

He has been a director of the Electrofringe festival (2001-02), the Disorientation series (2003), and the Sydney Liquid Architecture festival (2005-07) and is the founder of Alias Frequencies, an organisation that promotes and publishes music and media art.

He contributed a chapter to the new book Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia.

This edition of ELEVENELEVEN features all Australian artists.



Mark Brown

Guest Programmer
Mark Brown (Sydney)

Mark Brown is a Sydney based sound, installation and photo media artist exploring the phenomenology of space, architecture and acoustic atmospherics. Brown’s practice has evolved into a poetic response to site, critiquing the history and function of architecture by documenting and making manifest unseen and unheard phenomena in space. This playlist maps a trajectory through strategies in the creation of sound composition and music derived from field recordings, sampling, artist made instruments and meta-generative techniques.



DJ Olive

Guest Programmer
DJ Olive (USA)

DJ Olive is known for many sounds, from beats to sleep to avant-turntablism. In the early 90’s he was an active member of the infamous Williamsburg scene, producing ambient events throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. He was a founding member of We™, one of the most influential electronic acts to emerge from the U.S. scene in the ninties. As a joke, he gave birth to the term illbient and has been credited with founding the illbient movement.

DJ Olive has prepared a special podcast for ELEVENELEVEN, the TITICACA BBQ MIX, a fun radio piece with friends. Enjoy!



Nick Wishart

Guest Programmer
Nick Wishart (Sydney)

Nick Wishart is a Sydney based sound artist, musician and chronic circuit bender. He creates interactive multi-media installations and circuit bent instruments that form the basis of the all toy band Toydeath. The MIDI controlled pneumatic orchestra CeLL, developed in collaboration with Miles van Dorssen, is also a big part of his life.

Nick Wishart will be performing with Toy Death on 30th August at the Sound of Failure (main event), and as part of the Sound of Re-use (group show) opening 3rd September.



Cedric Peyronnet

Guest Programmer
Cedric Peyronnet (Bellac/France)

Podcast: kdi dctb 209 [a]

“A totally improvised radio piece dealing with the relationships I can draw between some of the works I’ve done these last 10 years. I revisit the archives 1998-2008. My work is always “site” based: a place is explored, recorded, played, then becomes a matter for the studio work; a piece is always about a place, and is always composed only with sound material gathered in – a really very important point to me. It is never a ‘phonography’ of the place but an interpretation of the place. ” ~ Cedric Peyronnet

Cedric Peyronnet (aka toy.bizarre / ingeos) is a sound artist working since 1990 with phonography and soundscapes, using the principles of concrete, acousmatic, electroacoustic music. Peyronnet’s practice of “sound mapping”, the exploration of places by sound recording, listening and sound sculpting, take form in compositions and sound pieces, concerts, sound screenings and sound installations.



Guest Programmer
Kazumichi Grime (Sydney)

Kazumichi Grime is a Sydney based sound and visual artist. Recently he has been incorporating video art into his