Guest Programmer
Lloop (USA)

Long Distance Phonecall
The first phone was a drum. The podcast is walkie talkie with New York in the 60’s. Skype with a Rasta on a space colony. Your mobile phone is drunk on magnetics. Drums!! … Long distance!!

Lloop (aka Rich Panciera) moved to NYC in a band with Douglas Israel in 1990. He got involved with Lalalandia in the crazy Williamsburg Brooklyn scene, worked at and helped build Bassmind studios, was a member of We™, co-founded Share NYC & Share Wien (share.dj), and now starting Sonephon.com very very soon. His releases include his solo album “Bulbb’s” and as band member of We™, all available through the agriculture.




Guest Programmer
Blind (Canberra, AUS)

Blind (aka David Finig) is a pharmacy assistant, writer and theatre-maker dwelling in Canberra, Australia. Since 2001, more than twenty of David’s full-length and one-act playscripts have been produced for seasons by companies in Australia, the Philippines and the United States. David co-directs the Crack Theatre Festival, a national festival and forum for performing artists which takes place annually in Newcastle as part of This Is Not Art, Australia’s largest media arts festival.

The battery of noises encased in this podcast come from a few key sources: flickering madly between stations on the FM dial of a handheld radio; collaborations with a range of musicians and sound artists; tunes recorded with Diplodocus, a trio featuring Paul Heslin (laptop, processes), Chris Finnigan (guitar, FX) and my self (words); and finally, SUN DRUGS.



Guest Programmer
Jacqui O’Reilly (Sydney, AUS)

Jacqui O’Reilly is a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Emerging from the folk underworld into new electronic music by way of passion, projects and people, Jacqui has prepared the Emerge Outside podcast.

The podcast features a thirty minute improvised soundscape that was recorded live at the Emerge Outside performance at Performance Space, CarriageWorks in Sydney. Emerge Outside, a project conceived by Jacqui O’Reilly and Randolf Reimann (Tra La La Blip), was built on the notion that hidden outside mainstream society, people exist with a passion for music making, who often do not get a chance to inhabit a creative space, or access new technologies and artistic processes, due to social and physical barriers systemic in our society.



Odyssey Two

Jennifer Teo

Happy New Year folks. Welcome 2010!

Odyssey Two is a mix of music we have enjoyed this summer, opening with a crazy dance track Family Galaxy by Tim Exile. We also hear from Ellen Allien, Tipsy, Krazy Baldhead, Sonmi451 and more, plus from Australia we hear an excerpt from the new Alias Frequencies Radio Metamix.



Lucas Darklord

Guest Programmer
Lucas Darklord

Based in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Lucas Darklord oversees the world’s largest unlisted company and holds radical views on the future of capitalism and life both within and without cultural and social constraints.

When asked to curate this broadcast, Lucas Darklord decided to, broadly, serve a selection of sounds that Eleven11 listeners may not have heard before. After being confounded by the petty limits of time and duration, Lucas Darklord settled on broadcasting excerpts in favour of complete works. After months of solid research, a machine was devised to play pieces of the selected works, where the machine makes the decisions about when to stop and start a work. The results are not any form of destructive remix, merely the most restraint Lucas Darklord is capable of.




Guest Programmer
Once11 (Brugges/ Montevideo/ LA)

Podcast: All Together Wrong

What is on this podcast? Trials, plan B’s, errors and rehearsals, leftovers and whoulda-coulda-shouldas, the stuff remaining under the wet hood: the little fellas that didn’t make it. Sketches, leftovers and drafts: an amalgam of wrongs.

These 11 tracks date from 1999 til 2009, since “bounced” they are no longer editable (a couple are mis-mixes from “Smile Hunter”). They are the elaborate trials of my inner professional artistoid, working the “crashing patching and doodling of doing”, on some very nice afternoons (obviously with the intention of making of all the right mistakes) next to the roaches and fliers and the hope filled tool bags of the sleepwalking artisan.




Guest Programmer
Jerry Mane (NZ/Barcelona)

Jerry Mane aka Pickle are the two production and performance names used by antipodean Brett Murdoch. Originally from the icy southern tip of New Zealand now living in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. Brett has been a producer of electronic music 10 years in his native home of New Zealand as well as in Australia where he has releases on the independent label LRR. The Pickle moniker is used for Brett’s productions in the fields of electronica, ambient or sound scape work. He has worked with visual artists in various exhibitions and art installations.



DJ Corporal Leper

Guest Programmer
DJ Corporal Leper (SYD)

Brooke Olsen aka DJ Corporal Leper is an experimental radio producer and record collector from Sydney. She has been involved in specialist music programming and experimental program making on various community radio stations for a number of years, most recently as executive producer for Sunday Night at the Movies on Fbi 94.5fm. Brooke’s varied radiophonic creations have been broadcast on 2ser, Fbi and ABC Radio National. Her alias Corporal Leper fixates on collecting (and broadcasting) the unbroadcastable: strange and forgotten musical relics of bad times long gone.



Buttress O'Kneel

Guest Programmer
Buttress O’Kneel (Melbourne)

Buttress O’Kneel is a sound artist from Melbourne, who has to date released 12 plunderphonic audio-documentaries, 13 albums of culture-jammed post-pop noncore metabreaks, and several other Special Projects.

She has dedicated her life to fighting the reptilian mind-control agenda, whether or not it actually exists.

This Eleven Eleven Special is a surreal journey through time and space, where the listener can meet some of her friends, influences, idols, total strangers whose work she thinks totally rocks, and of course her good self. CONTAINS NO BREAKCORE.




Guest Programmer
Kptmichigan (Hillentrup, Germany)

Michael Beckett is kptmichigan, a musician and producer who loves guitars, totally dislikes programming and finds the term experimental somewhat dodgy. As kptmichigan, he has released 4 albums, the newest being the experimental 10 Self-Modulating Loops Made Whilst Fasting, released on the label MirrorWorldMusic that he and friend Schneider TM run.

About the podcast: This podcast features a bunch of stuff from friends to people that time has forgotten…The weird and the wonderful. I allowed myself to add random stuff to and between some of the tracks, even creating new music especially for this podcast. Listen loud / Listen deep.


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