Welcome folks to the new radio series ELEVENELEVEN.

ELEVENELEVEN is a radio show that explores sound art in its various forms. Experimental, avant-garde, improvised, noise, electronic, headphone music. Supporting Australian sound art through featured playlists and guest programming. Presented by Plum Industries.

Jennifer Teo

Jennifer Teo (Sydney)

Double Numbers is the first show of the ELEVENELEVEN series. First up we hear a collaboration between Faust & Nurse With Wound with “Lass Mich”, a 13 minute audio collage from the album Disconnected (2007), followed by “Dead Air” a track by Bloodclot, a one-off collaboration between Controlled Bleeding & Noizeclot in 1985. With that we also hear a Nurse With Wound track from the album The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums, nice. Next, the enigmatic Netochka Nezvanova (2007).

From Australia, we have Puzahki with “I’ve Seen Enough” from the album Smoking When Pregnant. This album, plus much much more, has been made graciously available for download from Alias Frequencies, plenty of interesting music from Australia to read about and listen to here, visit their netlabel. A new release by French label Baskaru, M.B + E.D.A. with the album Regolelettroniche. Soft, drone-based music. M.B + E.D.A are Italian duo Maurizio Bianchi and Emanuela De Angelis. 20 years between them, Bianchi hails from the Italian avant-garde scene and has been musically active since 1979, whilst De Angelis made her debut in 1994 as lead singer and guitarist in the noise band Joyce Whore Not. This album was mastered by Lawrence English (Room40).

Finally, we hear a recording of Sydney-based improvised music ensemble The Splinter Orchestra. First Play is one of five recordings the group made at Studio 301 in late 2006. Various members of the Splinter Orchestra will also be performing at the upcoming Now Now Festival of improvised music. Visit their site for all the details www.thenownow.net. The festival takes place over 3 nights at the Wentworth Falls School of Arts in the Blue Mountains (Sydney). If you’re driving up from Sydney you will see the old building on your right. Also, for spontaneous collaborations visit the Akemi performance space in Medlow Bath (the Now Now Festival club). It’s only a short drive up the hill from Wentworth Falls, on the highway on the left after the Hydro Majestic, they have an amazing view of the mountains.


1. Faust & Nurse With Wound – Lass Mich [Disconnected / Art-errorist]

2. Bloodclot – Dead Air [Bloodclot / Inner-X-Musick]

3. Nurse With Wound – Untitled [The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums / Beta-lactam Ring Records]

4. Netochka Nezvanova – Kr0p3r0m-A9ff_Trk-38.0.5 [Netochka Nezvanova / BIN]

5. Puzahki – I’ve Seen Enough [Smoking When Pregnant / Alias Frequencies]*

6. Shenggy – Shenggy Is Space Girl [www.myspace.com/noiselady]

7. Otto von Schirach – Menstrual Dolphin Communication [Maxipad Detention / Ipecac]

8. OOIOO – Uma [Taiga / Thrill Jockey]

9. Nurse With Wound – Untitled [The Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums / Beta-lactam Ring Records]

10. Rapoon – A Time Before [Listen To Something Different / Ars Macabre]

11. Women Of The SS – Feelings Ov Purity [The Call To All Women… / Inner-X-Musick]

12. M.B + E.D.A – Electronic Rules [Regolelettroniche / Baskaru]

13. The Splinter Orchestra – First Play [www.splitrec.com]*

* Denotes Australian Made

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