Jennifer Teo

Jennifer Teo (Sydney)

A few from the vintage vaults this fortnight including the first track Bicycle Built For Two (1961) by computer music pioneer Max Mathews. Also, Concret PH (1958) by Iannis Xenakis, Musique Concrete (1959) by Jan Boerman, and the delightful Silver Apples Of The Moon (1967) by Morton Subotnick.

A couple of people of interest to me at the moment are Asmus Tietchens and AGF, more will be revealed about this interest at a later date. We hear the track Die Liebe, Ohne Ralf by Asmus Tiechens from the compilation Listen To Something Different (Ars Macabre, 2007) and from AGF we hear Zwangsam Schwierig from her album Head Slash Bauch (Orthlorng Musork). Stay tuned…

From Australia, we have some interesting music by Time Being from the compilation VIVA [section], Shannon O’Neill from his album Minimal/Liminal, and two tracks by the fascinating John Watermann, all releases courtesy of the Alias Frequencies netlabel. Also from Australia, we hear music by Wake Up and Listen and Kazumichi Grime from the 1997 compilation Dislocations (Zonar Recordings).


1. Max Mathews – Bicycle Built For Two [Early Modulations Vintage Volts / Caipirinha Productions]

2. John Watermann – Rip Off [The Denial of Cricket / Alias Frequencies]*

3. Wake Up and Listen – White Spines [Dislocations / Zonar Recordings]*

4. Time Being – Mental End [Viva [section] / Alias Frequencies]*

5. Asmus Tietchens – Die Liebe, Ohne Ralf [Listen To Something Different / Ars Macabre]

6. Hideous In Strength – Nun With A Gun [Nun With A Gun / Inner-X-Musick]

7. O.H.M. – Put Me On – Crooklyn Dub Consortium [Certified Dope Vol. 2 / WordSound]

8. Jan Boerman – Musique Concrete [Anthology Of Dutch Electronic Tape Music: Vol. 1 (1955-1966) / Creel Pone]

9. Shannon O’Neill – Trepan Nation [Minimal/Liminal / Alias Frequencies]*

10. John Watermann – Except for This [To Be Taken Seriously It Has To Be Long / Alias Frequencies]*

11. Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples Of The Moon [Early Modulations Vintage Volts / Caipirinha Productions]

12. AGF – Zwangsam Schwierig [Head Slash Bauch / Orthlorng Musork]

13. Iannis Xenakis – Concret PH [Early Modulations Vintage Volts / Caipirinha Productions]

14. Kazumichi Grime – Pinnae [Dislocations / Zonar Recordings]*

* Denotes Australian Made

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