Anthony Pateras

Guest Programmer
Anthony Pateras (Melbourne)

Anthony Pateras is a musician living and working in Melbourne, Australia. His core long term projects are the Pateras/Baxter/Brown trio, an electronics duo with Robin Fox and solo prepared piano performance. He also writes for ensembles, orchestras and film.

Recent performance highlights through 2006-07 include the ICA (London) Ad Libitum Festival (Warsaw), Festival Trama (Porto), Sydney Opera House (Sydney), Hamer Hall (Melbourne), Ballhaus Naunynstrasse (Berlin), Arnolfini Auditorium (Bristol), Musique Action (Nancy), Musica Genera (Szczecin), Neia Musik (Mulhouse), Alternativa Festival (Prague), L’Usine (Geneva), Theatro Foundameta Nuove (Venice), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), Gaudeamus Music Week (Amsterdam), Skopsko Leto (Skopje) and the Melbourne International Arts Festival. He was also recently featured on ABC TV’s Set program, presenting works to a national audience across Australia.

His work has received performances from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Slagwerkgroep Den Haag, Melbourne Symphony, Dutch Radio Kammerorkest, Flux String Quartet and Slave Pianos. He has collaborated with conductors such as James McMillan, Brett Dean and Markus Stenz, and often performs as a soloist in his own compositions.

Described by the Los Angeles Times as a remarkable new voice, he is in high demand as a composer and currently holds commissions for Ensemble Integrales (Hamburg), The Song Company (Sydney), Speak Percussion (Melbourne) and Vanessa Tomlinson (Brisbane). Continuously active as an improvisor a alongside his compositional output, spontaneous collaborations have included performances with Lucas Abela, Oren Ambarchi, Natasha Anderson, Jurg Bariletti, Johannes Bauer, Tony Buck, Anthony Burr, Pedro Carniero, Xavier Charles, Will Guthrie, Jeff Henderson, Max Kohane (Agents of Abhorrence), Thomas Lehn, Paul Lovens, Martin Ng, Jerome Noetinger and Clayton Thomas.

He has published numerous albums, releasing on Editions Mego, Tzadik, Sirr, Synaesthesia and Quecksilber to critical acclaim. He is also the co-artistic director of the Melbourne International Biennale of Exploratory Music.

March 28 ­ – April 2, 2008

MIBEM is a six-day exploration of new musical possibilities taking place in various Melbourne music venues from March 28 to April 2, 2008. The lineup of the inaugural MIBEM features an expansive variety of contemporary music forms including improvisation, audio-visual works, composition, electronica, surround sound works and free jazz, noise rock and classical ensemble configurations. Curated by noted local artists/composers, Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox, the Biennale will bring over 50 international and Australian musicians from the cutting and far edges of contemporary music together for a series of inspired and boundary-expanding sonic explorations.

This edition of ELEVENELEVEN features solely MIBEM performing artists from around Australia and the world, programmed by Anthony Pateras.


1. Daniel Menche – Animality (radio edit) [Animality / emd.pl/records]
2. Thomas Meadowcroft – Last Names for Nationstates (radio edit) [Unreleased]*
3. Passenger of Shit – Trendy Core #13 [Passenger of Shit 7 / ShitWank Records]*
4. Chris Abrahams – Hung Out to Dry (radio edit) [Streaming / Vegetable Records]*
5. Kirsten Reese – Inyib (radio edit) [Unreleased]
6. Clocked Out Duo – Every Night the Same Dream [Every Night the Same Dream / Clocked Out Productions]*
7. Christian Pruvost – Trumpet Solo [Unreleased]
8. Cor Fuhler – Stengam part 5 [Stnegam / Potlatch Records]
9. Jim Denley – Soft Contact [Soft Contact / Split Records]*
10. Lukas Simonis – Dalver [Stots – Z63312]
11. Jerome Noetinger – Gloire (radio edit) [Metamkine Cinema Pour L’Oreille]
12. Post – Heather [Post / Preservation Records]*
13. Menstruation Sisters – ~^<>^~ [Loose Cannon Compilation / Australia Council]*
14. Natasha Anderson – Spore (radio edit) [Unreleased]*
15. John Rodgers – St Mary’s [A Rose is A Rose / Extreme Records]*
16. Embers – Dowser [Unreleased]*
17. Valerio Tricoli – Did They? Did I? (Radio edit) [Did They? Did I? / Bowindo Recordings]
18. Juarez – Lux [Unreleased]*

* Denotes Australian Made

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