Jennifer Teo (Sydney)

Last week Melbourne, this week Sydney. Much has happened.

Highlights from the Melbourne International Biennale of Exploratory Music

Night 1. @The TOTE – Daniel Menche is someone to experience, totally wild; Valerio Tricoli & Sean Baxter make for a great duo. Night 2. @ABC Studios – Chris Abrahams solo performance was by far my favourite experience for the evening. Night 3. @The TOFF – Jerome Noetinger (I TOTALLY LOVE THIS GUY!!) what more can i say really; Lukas Simonis is fun and quite a gestural performer; Post were very entertaining as well providing some comic relief and a quirky country music vibe – a lot of fun. I was feeling rather tired by Night 4… such a great festival Fox & Pateras – Nice one!

Sydney highlight – Chris Abrahams and Mike Cooper @The Seymour Centre

Two musicians I really admire coming together in a duo. Such great improvisers. Their performance takes you on a journey. Their CD Oceanic Feeling-Like is available on Room40.

Coming up on 12 April Sydney – What Is Music?


1. Shelley Hirsch – So Tender! [The Far In, Far Out Worlds of Shelley Hirsch / Tzadik]

2. The Chadbournes – Pitter Patter Panther [Hallelujah, Anyway – Remembering Tom Cora / Tzadik]

3. Von Sudenfed – The Young The Faceless And The Codes [Tromatic Reflexxions / Domino Recording Company Ltd]

4. Bruce Haack – Haackula 4 [Haackula / Omni Recording]

5. Von Sudenfed – Jbak Lois Lane [Tromatic Reflexxions / Domino Recording Company Ltd]

6. Pimmon – Tener a Mar Callado [Orquesta Del Arrurruz / Staalplaat]*

7. (etre) – Naturalist Tokyo 3.0 [A Post-Fordist Parade In The Strike Of Events / Baskaru]

8. Alva Noto – Bit [Transspray / Raster-Noton]

9. Phonem – Mainframe (1040 ste) [Hydro Electric / Morr Music]

10. (etre) – What Are We Doing Here? [A Post-Fordist Parade In The Strike Of Events / Baskaru]

11. Chris Abrahams & Mike Cooper – Memory Of Water [Oceanic Feeling-Like / Room40]*

12. Sonmi451 – Pearl Jet [A Phosphorus Spot / U-Cover Transparente]

13. Mileece – Tridi [Formations / Lo Recordings]

* Denotes Australian Made

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