Jeph Jerman

Guest Programmer
Jeph Jerman (USA)

Jeph Jerman is a musician, improviser and sound-maker from the US. Jerman first began recording and performing in 1986, under the name Hands To . Most of his early sound work was sampler and tape loop based. Over the course of ten years Jerman’s music evolved into environmental recordings, with very little to no manipulation or electronic processing. In 1996, Jerman embarked upon a weekly series of concerts in Seattle at Anomalous Records , which brought him into contact with the city’s improvised music community. During this time he began performing solo, using only natural found objects (stones, shells,bones, driftwood, pine cones, etc) as sound-makers, a practice which continues today. In 1999, the Animist Orchestra was founded, original members are Jeph Jerman, Eleanor Gallagher, Dave Knott, Mike Shannon, Jeffery Taylor and Robert Millis.

Most of Jerman’s previous work could be interpreted as being ‘idea-based’. He finds that most of his work nowadays is sound-based, and believes it is due to his growing interest in listening, in what happens when one listens, and his concomitant disinterest in contextualizing sound

Photo by: Julie Schubert
: www.kaon.org/jeph_jerman


1. Doug Theriault – Orange (excerpt) [Fargone Records]
2. Tac – Out Of Context (excerpt) [Pure]
3. Eric Lanzillotta, Mike Shannon & Dave Knott – Untitled
4. Greg Davis – Auckland Pier Hydrophone
5. Dave Knott – Rondo #3
6. Climax Golden Twins – German [Climax Golden Twins (The Rock Album)/Fire Breathing Turtle]
7. Mike Shannon – Lex-O [Raido/Oxglove]
8. Leny Puksar – Reeds 1
9. Leny Puksar – Reeds 2
10. Jeph Jerman – Metal Drift (excerpt) [AARC]
11. Giancarlo Toniutti – Ura Itam Taala’… [Ferns Recordings]
12. Steve Peters – Delicate Abrasions [Pianíssimo]

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