Guest Programmer
Kazumichi Grime (Sydney)

Kazumichi Grime is a Sydney based sound and visual artist. Recently he has been incorporating video art into his live sets which have been performed at events such as The Big Day Out, eScapes, Disorientation, The MCA and Liquid Architecture. The focus of the video imagery is often of intense studies of simple concepts that work in collaboration with the sound to create a resolve. Dense textural drones are drawn from field recordings, analogue synthesis and acoustic recordings.

He has released numerous recordings since 1994 on cd, vinyl and online and has performed extensively. As well as his own solo practice, Grime has collaborated on a number of projects with artists such as Kim Cascone, Gary Bradbury, Anthony Guerra, Andy Polaine and has also developed a number of pieces as a sound artist for video artist Shaun Gladwell, including the 2007 Venice Biennial piece, ‘Storm Sequence’

About this playlist. The music I have chosen is music and sounds that I find engaging and beautiful. It also happens to be all of Australian artists whom I have followed for some time over the years and have found their music an inspiration (though I did sneak a new track of mine in as well as a remix I did). Having grown up on a diet of Severed Heads in the 80s, I naturally find Bradbury’s work wonderful, unexpected and humorous. I have always enjoyed releases by Ambarchi, Minut and lesser known artists like Daniel Whiting whose track here is a cdr he handed to me one night and is heard here in its entirety, quite an epic. Enjoy.

Kazumichi Grime will be performing at Liquid Architecture 9 Sydney, Festival of Sound Arts 11-12 July 2008.


1. Ben Frost – Theory of Machines [Bedroom Community]
2. Size – 1000 Bambis [Actual Size / Zonar recordings]
3. Severed Heads – A Relic of the Empire [Since the Accident]
4. Pretty Boy Crossover – Mystery Sentence (remix by Kazumichi Grime) [Clan Analogue]
5. Kazumichi Grime – Parlour [Liquid Architecture 9 Festival CD]
6. Minut – Winged Life [Jukebox Buddha compilation]
7. Bradbury – Theatre tracks [unlisted / cdr]
8. Bradbury – Theatre tracks [unlisted / cdr]
9. Daniel Whiting – What becomes of the wooden hearted [cdr]
10. Oren Ambarchi – Stactedit [Variable Resistance compilation / 23FIVE]

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