Nick Wishart

Guest Programmer
Nick Wishart (Sydney)

Nick Wishart is a Sydney based sound artist, musician and chronic circuit bender. He creates interactive multi-media installations and circuit bent instruments that form the basis of the all toy band Toydeath. The MIDI controlled pneumatic orchestra CeLL, developed in collaboration with Miles van Dorssen, is also a big part of his life.

Nick Wishart will be performing with Toy Death on 30th August at the Sound of Failure (main event), and as part of the Sound of Re-use (group show) opening 3rd September.

Sound of Failure 2008

The Sound of Failure is sound art festival based in Sydney, begun in 2007, that explores notions of organised and indeterminate music/sound/noise as conceived and experienced in this, our post-digital era. It is both an inclusive and critical exploration of a broad spectrum of audio experience that includes everything from experimental cabaret, to granular synthesis-derived microsound. This year, the Sound of Failure is a multi-sited event centred around the main performance night at the Factory Theatre in Enmore, which will include some big names and some exciting emerging performers.

For full festival details visit http://soundoffailure.com


1. Toy Death – Vtech

2. Nick Wishart – Cleared For Landing

3. Nick Wishart – Sine Stab

4. Nick Wishart – Starbase

5. Nick Wishart – Big Stab Comp

6. Nick Wishart – Snowy Mountains Scheme

7. Nick Wishart – Frog Intro

8. Nick Wishart – Iron Lung

9. Pyrolator – Cassiopeia [Ausland / Ata Tak]

10. Nick Wishart – Low

11. Pyrolator – Bacano Brothercito [Ausland / Ata Tak]

12. CeLL – Super Rattle Mastered

13. Nick Wishart – Bubble Stab 2

14. Nick Wishart – C011

15. Raymond Scott – Sleepy Time [Soothing Sounds For Baby / Basta]

16. Raymond Scott – Domino [Manhattan Research Inc. / Basta]

17. Mark Mothersbaugh – Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op [Original Soundtrack The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou / Hollywood Records]

18. Nick Wishart – Huge Noise

19. Casionova – a – d This Is Not The Future

20. Horror Horse – Toy Death remixed by Horror Horse

21. Nick Wishart – Huge Crack

22. CeLL – Red Rattler