Mistress of Ceremonies

Jennifer Teo (Sydney)

Happy New Year folks and welcome to the first show for 2009!!

Several new releases are featured this month including the opening track Untitled #175 by Francisco Lopez & Lawrence English, from the album HB on French label Baskaru. Also new from Baskaru is Live Journeys, a selection of live performances by mixed-media band Symbiosis Orchestra.

The podcast title, Mistress of Ceremonies, is a track from the new Joe Frawley release Ritual Research.  An extremely enjoyable listening experience, the album is available for free download through the Clinical Archives net label.

From our friends at The Agriculture we have two exciting new releases to look forward to in February. Rich Panciera under his Lloop moniker explores elements of dubstep, hip hop and drum & bass with the album 60 Hertz. Kacy Wiggins aka quiet personal electronics (aka qpe), releases the one true constant, a new album with a downtempo ambient hip hop groove. Also from qpe we hear a track from the album Boolean Logic, which I refer to as my all-time-favourite pre-cyclone music.

From Australia, we hear a track from Rhythmic Movement Disorder (Room40), the long awaited debut solo release from Robbie Avenaim, a luminary figure in the Australian experimental and improvised music scene.

We also hear a golden oldie, That That Revolves, a Severed Heads track that features on the companion CD to a new book release entitled Experimental Music: Audio Explorations In Australia. Book chapters have been written by ‘artists, producers and participants in alternative music-making’ in Australia including contributions from Julian Knowles, Shannon O’Neill, Ian Andrews and Jim Denley, to mention a few, edited by Gail Priest. A definite must have for those interested in the history of experimental and electronic music in Australia. I was thrilled that Punos rated a mention. Enjoy!


1. Francisco Lopez & Lawrence English – Untitled #175 [ HB/Baskaru ]

2. Severed Heads – That That Revolves [ Experimental Music: Audio Explorations In Australia ]

3. Lloop – ODB Scripta Elegans [ 60 Hertz/The Agriculture ]

4. Benga – Go Tell Them [Diary Of An Afro Warrior/Tempa]

5. Benga – 26 Basslines [Diary Of An Afro Warrior/Tempa ]

6. qpe – Degrees of Freedom [ the one true constant/The Agriculture ]

7. Lloop – 22 Degrees (Sun Dogs) [ 60 Hertz/The Agriculture ]

8. Symbiosis Orchestra – Live At Fabbricaeuropa, Florence 1 [ Live Journeys/Baskaru ]

9. Joe Frawley – Mistress of Ceremonies [ Ritual Research/Clinical Archives ]

10. Robbie Avenaim – Bodyrocking [ Rhythmic Movement Disorder/Room40 ]

11. Joe Frawley – Inquiry [ Ritual Research/Clinical Archives ]

12. qpe – Fulcrum [ Boolean Logic/The Agriculture ]

13. Bai Tian – In [ Ya Ji/Kwan Yin Records ]


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