Randolf Reinmann

Guest Programmer
Randolf Reimann (Northern NSW)

Randolf Reimann is a sound artist and musician from Bangalow, Northern NSW. Randolf started his musical journey as vocalist for the Sydney 80’s hardcore punk band Massappeal. Recent group projects include electro-acoustic duo Kolliope, with singer /song writer Michelle Taylor, and experimental projects with visual artist/musician Darren Porter. Solo, Randolf performs live electronics as Dolfazoid.

Randolf is also the artistic director and facilitator of Tra La La Blip, an artist collective based on the far north coast of New South Wales. Their first release, Soundbeam Sessions Volume 1, is a compilation CD. All the songs were created live during jam sessions at Multi Task Human Resource Foundation in Lismore NSW. The music is created using multiple midi controllers and instruments like the tenori-on, soundbeam, kaossilator, microkorg, a macbook running ableton live software and a microphone. The project provides people with disabilities access to new musical technologies, opportunities to collaborate with other musicians & artists and opportunities to record & produce original compositions. Randolf is currently in New York doing Tra La La Blip activities with disability services and the elderly. www.myspace.com/tralalablip

About the set: When I left Australia in October I purposely did not take any music with me, no mp3 player, no CDs, no iTunes library. So this set is made up of music that has come to me on this extended stay in the USA, save for 1 kolliope tune and the TLLB songs. Most of the music I have received through connections made through TLLB on this trip . There are generations overlayed too, a grandmother talking over her grandson’s metal band. A mother singing with school children and her son (now in the metal band), and a father doing music with his son. This was not an intentional choice, nor is it entirely experimental, it’s just what has been presented to me since October 2008.


1. Atom TM/ Weisses rauchen ester teil [Raster Noton]

2. Honey Dance / Anzac March [Tra La La Blip, Soundbeam Sessions Volume 1]

3. Schneider TM Und Lustfaust/ The girl who cried all the tears from her body [Und Lustfaust / MirrorWorldMusic]

4. In Hearts Wake feat. Amy Granieri/ Seclusion [In Hearts Wake]

5. Kolliope featuring children of Cape Byron steiner school/ No mind

6. Heil Spirits/ Venom [Sound and Fury]

7. Monophaser/ Alva Noto [Raster Noton]

8. The Langley schools music project/ God only knows

9. Venom cont/ Heil Spirits [Sound and Fury]

10. Ioannis Kalantzis/ Parastaseis A

11. Barry & Dianne/ Honey Dance (samchillian remix) [Tra La La Blip, Soundbeam Sessions Volume 1]

12. Jede Nacht/ Station 17 (kptmichigan remix)/ [MirrorWorldMusic]

13. Ray Nox/ Schneider TM & KPT.Michi.Gan

14. MSG/ Icecream Truck [Tra La La Blip, Soundbeam Sessions Volume 1]

15. KPT.Michi.Gan/ Transport [MirrorWorldMusic]

16. Ioannis Kalantzis/ Parastaseis B

17. Amy & Dolfazoid/ Snowman Disco Fort  [Tra La La Blip, Soundbeam Sessions Volume 1]

18. KPT.Michi.Gan & Son0/ Chapaun  [MirrorWorldMusic]

19. Prinzhorn Dance School, Hamworthy sports & leisure centre.

20. Pinchers/ Agony [VP Music Group]

21. Atom TM/ Funksignal [Raster Noton]

22. Ioannis Kalantzis/ Parastaseis C

23. Super Reverb/ Jack Potatoe [Mirrorworldmusic]

24. Schneider TM & KPT.Michi.Gan/Onnanoko [MirrorWorldMusic]

25. Wellen und felder II/ Atom TM [Raster Noton]

26. Ioannis Kalantzis/ Parastaseis D

27. Honey Dance/ Anzac March (inspired flight remix) [Tra La La Blip, Soundbeam Sessions Volume 1]

28. In Hearts Wake/ 11:11