Buttress O'Kneel

Guest Programmer
Buttress O’Kneel (Melbourne)

Buttress O’Kneel is a sound artist from Melbourne, who has to date released 12 plunderphonic audio-documentaries (on topics such as globalisation, Harry Potter, war, oil, racism, humyn rights, 9/11, exorcisms, “Australian values” and the Bilderberg Group), 13 albums of culture-jammed post-pop noncore metabreaks, and several other Special Projects, including live manipulations of mainstream CDs through a series of destructive guitar pedals, collaborations with various other folks (including a fully sick deconstruction of Led Zeppelin IV with Blue Mountains misanthrope, Lucas Darklord), and commissioned art-pieces for the ABC.

She has dedicated her life to fighting the reptilian mind-control agenda, whether or not it actually exists.

This Eleven Eleven Special is a surreal journey through time and space, where the listener can meet some of her friends, influences, idols, total strangers whose work she thinks totally rocks, and of course her good self. CONTAINS NO BREAKCORE.

Buttress O’Kneel will be performing in Sydney for the first time for Liquid Architecture 10 more details…

Some of Buttress O’Kneel’s work can be found at:





1. Christopher Penrose – American Jingo (excerpt 1) [American Jingo / Illegal Art]

2. Zappa And The Mothers – What’s the Ugliest Part of Your Body [We’re Only In It For the Money (1984 mix) / Barking Pumpkin Records]

3. Naked City – Speedfreaks [Grand Guignol / Avant]

4. Dead Ants Rainbow – The Long Skins [Dead Ants Rainbow (live) / Rough Coffee Records]

5. Otomo Yoshihide / Christian Marclay – Deep Down Under [Moving Parts / Asphodel]

6. Aux Assembly – Sideways [Even Cowgirls Get Dementia / Sabbatical]

7. Buttress O’Kneel – Our Good Fortune Is Largely The Climate [Soldier EP / IWML]

8. Peril – Kiken [Peril / Dr Jim’s Records]

9. Christopher Penrose – American Jingo (excerpt 2) [American Jingo / Illegal Art]

10. Merzbow – Short Piece For Bondage CD ROM 2 [Music For Bondage Performance 2 / Extreme]

11. Otomo Yoshihide / Christian Marclay – Blood Eddy [Moving Parts / Asphodel]

12. Extracted from Negativland’s “Time Zones” (Escape From Noise, SST)

13. Christopher Penrose – American Jingo (excerpt 3) [American Jingo / Illegal Art]

14. Buttress O’Kneel – In Some Cases [Soldier EP / IWML]

15. Christopher Penrose – American Jingo (excerpt 4) [American Jingo / Illegal Art]

16. Buttress O’Kneel – Watchtower [LIVE 18 11 06 / unreleased]

17. Bogdan Raczynski – untitled track 3 [Boku Mo Wakaran / Rephlex]

18. Merge Into Stripes – L1 [To Mesmerise its Prey before Striking / IWML]

19. Negativland – The Bottom Line [Free / Seeland]

20. Zappa And The Mothers – What’s the Ugliest Part of Your Body (reprise) [We’re Only In It For the Money (1984 mix) / Barking Pumpkin Records]

21. Peril – Left Of Centre [Peril / Dr Jim’s Records]

22. Christopher Penrose – American Jingo (excerpt 5) [American Jingo / Illegal Art]

23. Naked City – Gob of Spit [Grand Guignol / Avant]