Guest Programmer
Blind (Canberra, AUS)

Blind (aka David Finig) is a pharmacy assistant, writer and theatre-maker dwelling in Canberra, Australia. Since 2001, more than twenty of David’s full-length and one-act playscripts have been produced for seasons by companies in Australia, the Philippines and the United States. David was 2006 Writer-in-Residency with Tanghalang Pilipino, the key government-funded theatre company in the Philippines, and his work continues to be produced by theatre ensembles and festivals in Manila. David works with cross-artform ensemble Boho to devise and present interactive performances based on Complex Systems science and Game Theory. Boho productions A Prisoner’s Dilemma (2007-08) and Food for the Great Hungers (2009) have toured to theatres, museums, science conferences and festivals throughout Australia.

David co-directs the Crack Theatre Festival, a national festival and forum for performing artists which takes place annually in Newcastle as part of This Is Not Art, Australia’s largest media arts festival.

The battery of noises encased in this podcast come from a few key sources: flickering madly between stations on the FM dial of a handheld radio; collaborations with a range of musicians and sound artists; tunes recorded with Diplodocus, a trio featuring Paul Heslin (laptop, processes), Chris Finnigan (guitar, FX) and my self (words); and finally, SUN DRUGS.

Sun Drugs is a grimy teen romance set in the flooded streets of epidemic-ridden Manila following the efforts of hip brothers Mouth and Throat to turn art-class geek Alexis Cobweb into prom queen in the space of one week. All the sweeping romance of The English Patient and the sassy dialogue of Mean Girls crammed into half an hour and microwaved, including a DIY-vibrator making workshop. Sun Drugs was nominated for Best Solo Show in the 2010 New Zealand Fringe Festival.


1. Christian radio DJs – The Seasons of Holy Hiphop [ One Way FM 91.9 ]
2. 2006 Type Fresh – Disciple Cycles [ One Way FM 91.9 ]
(I’m not going to lie to you – the day I discovered the holy hip hop show on my local christian station was the funniest day of my life)
3. Paul Heslin feat. blind – Dummy Domino [ Unreleased ]
4. Finnigan and Brother – You can’t all be right [ Unreleased ]
5. blind – Sun Drugs pt 1 of 4
6. Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream [ Bringing It All Back Home / CBS ]
7. Filipino radio DJs – Competition announcement [ Power FM Manila ]
8. blind – We captured Grace Kelly without a fight [ FM 104.7 / BBC Radio ]
(finger on the tuning dial flickering between stations)
9. Reuben Ingall feat. blind – Protoceratops [ Dinosaur Concept Album / Online release ]
10. blind – Sun Drugs pt 2 of 4
11. Leon Twardy feat. blind – Angels take the iceberg [ Unreleased ]
12. Diplodocus – The Bandaged King [ First Handshake in Space EP – Online release ]
13. Transmissions feat. blind – Guessing which chamber the bullet is in [ Unreleased ]
14. Chris Finnigan – 111 [ Unreleased ]
15. blind – Sun Drugs pt 3 of 4
16. Hudson Mohawke – FUSE [ Butter / Warp Records ]
17. Finnigan and Brother – Guitar lead + finger / FM radio through headphones [ Unreleased ]
18. Diplodocus – Singing love songs [ First Handshake in Space EP / Online release ]
19. Patrick Swayze – She’s like the wind [ Dirty Dancing Soundtrack / RCA ]
20. blind – Sun Drugs pt 4 of 4
21. Solomon Burke – Cry to me [ Cry to me / Atlantic ]
22. Unknown artist – Track 3 – ‘Fiji Island Techno Mix’ (A CD I found on a table in Nadi, Fiji)
23. Diplodocus – The idea of a sun god [ You are KGB, aren’t you EP / Online release ]