John Foley aka MisterbootsJohn Foley aka Misterboots is a radio dj, programmer, sound artist, and blogger residing just outside of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He has been producing freeform radio programming since 1991, and is currently a member of Brown University Student and community Radio, where he serves on the programming board. His now defunct show Notes and Sounds from Misterboots was a freeform, eclectic show in 2009, and his current show The Fieldhouse is a mix show featuring funky electronic music made with the use of field recordings.

His production work includes ambient soundscapes and quirky minimal techno, both heavily laden with found sounds and field recordings.

“This mix is a narrative of the overnight shore leave of a military sailor in a large, mysterious city. Typically I would not include more than one track from any given artist, but given the goal, I leaned on a few artists who’s output was optimal in narrating the story. Nary a track was played in it’s entirety, and almost every track has a significant amount of overlap or slices meshed with the surrounding tracks- several chunks of tracks were even played at the same time. The mix begins and ends with work from Alvin Curran, a sound artist who hails from my home state of Rhode Island. Much of the music I selected is from New York artists, fittingly, with the notable exception of a musicians few from Vermont, San Fransisco, Moroco, and Germany” – John Foley.


Part 1: Arriving at port, waking up
1. Alvin Curran – World Music
2. Billy Martin – Stridulations: Monkey (excerpt)
3. (Field recordings)

Part 2: Wharf denziens
4. Frank Zappa – What Happened to the Music
5. (field recordings)
6. What Capitalism Was – Japura River
7. DJ/Rupture & Andy Moor – Untitled
8. field recordings

Part 3: City penetration
9. Fantomas – 04-27-05 Wednesday

Part 4: Chinatown
10. David Shea – Canton Noir Blues

Part 5: Running away, further in/dark alleys
11. Zeena Parkins – Gold
12. John Zorn – Yellow
13. Marina Rosenfeld – Badawileaf
14. Marina Rosenfeld – One
15. Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides – Five in Hell
16. Bill Laswell – O Haji Baig
17. (field recordings)

Part 6: Downtown
18. John Zorn – The Cop
19. Nettle – Duende A
20. Anti Pop Consortium – New York
21. Phantom Orchard – Green Dome
22. Thumtack Smoothie – Front Stairs Matress Toboggan

Part 7: The circus district?
23. The Beat Circus – Grand Enterance
24. John Zorn – Italy
25. John Zorn – Fighting Pirates
26. (field recordings)

Part 8: Jazz clubs
27. Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe
28. (field recordings)
29. Stacy Starkweather & Option Anxiety – Equal Opportunity

Part 9: The early morning walk back to port
30. Sex Mob – Translation 1
31. (field recordings)
32. Bohren & The Club of Gore – Prowler
33. Marina Rosenfeld – Four (fever)
34. (field recordings)
35. Strategy – Summer Tour Bird Windows
36. (field recordings)
37. Mark Templeton – live segment
38. (field recordings)
39. Lucky Dragons – Blond Rats

Part 10: The return: familiarity
40. Kate Simko – Quiet Daydream
41. Keiichi Sugimoto – Turn
42. Dale Lloyd – Airs for Beacons / Signals for Ports
43. John Foley – untitled
44. Alvin Curran – Rattlesnake Mountain