Dick Whyte (a.k.a. Supercomposer)Dick Whyte (a.k.a. Supercomposer) is a conceptual artist, film-maker, musician and academic from New Zealand. This mix explores the relationship between noise, conceptual music, the legal ramifications of copyright and remix culture, drawing on Whyte’s personal collection of  unreleased artists, bloggers and bootlegs to create a cut-up soundscape of radio plunderphonics. Each track differs aesthetically, however a dedication to breaching copyright joins these musicians ethically at a point in time when our freedom as artists to critically engage with commercial ‘found’ sound is being threatened. Enjoy!



  1. Weezer – Summer Songs Tape Montage [Unreleased / Bootleg]
  2. The Beachles – Don’t Talk (Get Better) [Sgt. Pet Sounds Lonely Hearts Club Band / Artist Website]
  3. John Oswald – Metallica – Net [Plunderphonics / Self Released]
  4. John Cage – Rozart Mix [An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music Vol. 1 / Sub Rosa]
  5. Wake Up And Listen – Old Man Drivel [Mustard Keanu / Alias Frequencies]
  6. The Bookhouse Boys – I Want You Back [Unreleased / Artist Website]
  7. D.J. McKay and his Best Friend Bear – Don’t Worry About Smelly Teenagers [Unreleased / Private Collection]
  8. Autofucking Records – Titoli di testa/Vanvera plunderphonic [Unreleased / Artist Website]
  9. MGR – 22 (Rihanna – Rude Boy Remix) [Unreleased / Private Collection]
  10. Jennie C. Jones – You Make Me Feel Like 100 Billie Holiday Songs [Unreleased / Artist Website]
  11. Kurt Cobain – Montage of Heck [Unreleased / Bootleg]
  12. Cory Arcangel – Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast” compressed over and over as an mp3 666 times [Unreleased / Artist Website]
  13. Tangent Precipitate – Fleetwood Mac “Drifting” (Lines of Fire Remix) [Lines of Fire / Postmoderncore Records]
  14. The Doll – Knife Fight (Souped Up Remix) [Solid Doll Remixes Vol. 1 / Dolly Dollar Recordings]
  15. Supercomposer – Glitch Hick (GBV) [Unreleased / Private Collection]