AF006 - League of Infinite Justice - United We Fall

United We Fall

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As the world chewed their fingernails over the possible existence of weapons of mass destruction the League continued to focus on the very real existence of weapons of media distortion. Landing in the weeks leading up to the Coalition of the Willing’s invasion of Iraq, United We Fall became an accurate prediction of the ensuing escalation and conflict.


AF002 - Puzahki - Smoking When Pregnant

Smoking When Pregnant

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Puzahki’s debut album. Mind-melting breakcore.


AF005 - League of Infinite Justice - Payback


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Ahh, sweet ground zero: the birth of the League and the death of reason. As the US rapidly lost its collective mind, the League trembled in awe at the scope of the media coverage. Never before had so many samples landed in one place at one time. The results were inevitable.


AF001 - Wake Up and Listen - Mustard Keanu

Wake Up and Listen - Mustard Keanu

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2001 Mini-album of skewed turntable improvisations. Four hands, one deck. Bargain bin records are mercilessly subjected to extended turntable techniques. Recorded in an afternoon at Section 8, Sydney.


Furthermore 2000-12-28

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