Liquid Architecture 10

Festival of Sound Arts
Sydney, 24-27 June, 2009

Liquid Architecture 10 will be a landmark occasion for the festival and for sound culture in Australia. Celebrating its tenth consecutive year, the Liquid Architecture sound arts festival will be held across three city venues, The Performance Space, the University of Technology Sydney and Hermann’s Bar, presenting an exciting program of contemporary sound arts. With a decade of experience to draw upon the diverse program features live events and installations showcasing the highest quality sound work in an intense, focused listening environment.

Sydney Directors: Jennifer Teo & Shannon O’Neill
Production Manager: Sarah Davies



Buttress O'Kneel

Guest Programmer
Buttress O’Kneel (Melbourne)

Buttress O’Kneel is a sound artist from Melbourne, who has to date released 12 plunderphonic audio-documentaries, 13 albums of culture-jammed post-pop noncore metabreaks, and several other Special Projects.

She has dedicated her life to fighting the reptilian mind-control agenda, whether or not it actually exists.

This Eleven Eleven Special is a surreal journey through time and space, where the listener can meet some of her friends, influences, idols, total strangers whose work she thinks totally rocks, and of course her good self. CONTAINS NO BREAKCORE.




Guest Programmer
Kptmichigan (Hillentrup, Germany)

Michael Beckett is kptmichigan, a musician and producer who loves guitars, totally dislikes programming and finds the term experimental somewhat dodgy. As kptmichigan, he has released 4 albums, the newest being the experimental 10 Self-Modulating Loops Made Whilst Fasting, released on the label MirrorWorldMusic that he and friend Schneider TM run.

About the podcast: This podcast features a bunch of stuff from friends to people that time has forgotten…The weird and the wonderful. I allowed myself to add random stuff to and between some of the tracks, even creating new music especially for this podcast. Listen loud / Listen deep.


AF038 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compact Scipppp

Compact Scipppp

Download MP3 (157 MB) FLAC (290 MB)

In the year 2000, Buttress O’Kneel (with the help of her housemates at the time, fellow artists Mantis Sage, Aynat Sool, Panthera Leo, and A D MacHine) began documenting the artistic works of several robots that had achieved unprogrammed sentience. These robots were never designed to be creative, but, perhaps through simple wear and tear, commonplace quantum occurrences, or perhaps through their own dogged persistence, these robots began displaying artistic musickal tendencies, reworking and remixing standard CDs into stuttering, abstracted comments on modern humyn culture. Every night, as the humyns sat down in front of the stereo and attempted to play some musick, the robots would take over and present them with an astounding improvised glitchfest of cultural detournement and live sonic manipulation. Thankfully for us, Buttress and her friends have captured much of those heady A.I. jam sessions for us to enjoy to this day.


AF037 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 13.4: Theoretical Metapop

Compop 13.4: Theoretical Metapop

Download MP3 (191 MB) FLAC (549 MB)

With her Snares-influences fading, Buttress returned to her unique musickal place, straddling pop, mashup, and breakcore, this time creating a musical flow that brings to mind her ground-breaking “MegaMegamix”, and the “meme-couplets” of “MemeCore”. With a blend of glitch-pop and mashcore, and such sources as Madonna, Dethklok, Bowie, Dead Kennedys, Portishead, and Popcorn, O’Kneel creates a break-heavy megamix that pauses only to deliver every expletive Samuel L Jackson unleashes in “Pulp Fiction”, condensed into one single surreal stream of abuse, before screeching back off again into popmangled madness. This is the album that MySpace wouldn’t let her upload.