VOX This edition of Eleveneleven features a myriad of voices. Different voices with different perspectives, some familiar, some strange. Actually mostly strange, or estranged. We bring these outsiders inside for a delightful and unpredictable conversation.


AF044 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 14.6: Avant-Tarde: Tardcore

Compop 14.6: Avant-Tarde: Tardcore

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After touring extensively, including the National Gallery in Canberra, the University of Woollongong, and the Arthouse in Melbourne, Buttress took the new songs she’d been trying out on audiences (like ‘Dexodus’ and ‘I Like’) and placed them alongside live experiments with AudioMulch (with source material ranging from Guns N Roses, to Crystal Waters, to Wu Tang Clan), as well as several pieces she’d composed for other projects (including ‘Some Assembly Required’s 50/50 compilation). Continues in her fine tradition of straddling the line between breakcore, mashup, and pure dada.



Dick Whyte (a.k.a. Supercomposer)Dick Whyte (a.k.a. Supercomposer) is a conceptual artist, film-maker, musician and academic from New Zealand. This mix explores the relationship between noise, conceptual music, the legal ramifications of copyright and remix culture, drawing on Whyte’s personal collection of unreleased artists, bloggers and bootlegs to create a cut-up soundscape of radio plunderphonics.



UndomondoUndomondo is a music blog that supports and promotes good music regardless of genres, periods and geography. Undomondo covers quite a lot of bases from sound art & noise and electronic music to jazz, folk, world music and beyond.



Secret Killer of NamesSince the age of 12 i’ve been fascinated by Horror films though it was not until I started making music/sound art that I realised why.

I am not overly impressed by the gore and misogyny/misanthropy so much as I am drawn to the soundtracks of horror and terror, which inspire an almost metaphysical reverie.

Secret Killer of Names is the nom de plume of media artist and researcher, Lloyd Barret.


AF043 – Lucas Darklord – …like horses

Lucas Darklord - ...like horses

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“Isn’t there something in your mind, that says, this is wrong, this is wrong on every level?”

At the time, at the time, it was like… it was…

…like horses, you know?

Comprised of two parts,* …like horses is presented as the ultimate in dark corporate stoner reflective/receptive grinding face core.

…like horses is recommended as perfect for long drives late at night, for community and public radio, for all intoxicated people, for going to sleep, for those days at work, and for ALL human life on the planet.



John Foley aka MisterbootsJohn Foley aka Misterboots is a radio dj, programmer, sound artist, and blogger residing just outside of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He has been producing freeform radio programming since 1991 and his current show The Fieldhouse is a mix show featuring funky electronic music made with the use of field recordings. This mix is a narrative of the overnight shore leave of a military sailor in a large, mysterious city.


AF042 – Spinal Machine – Scraping It Hard

Spinal Machine

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So prolific was John Watermann, that in 1991 he began releasing cassettes of his music under a number of aliases, including Total Disease, Radio Mull, and Spinal Machine, on his label Nightshift Records.

‘Scraping It Hard’ was Watermann’s first release as Spinal Machine. Its four tracks range from minimal electronics, to cutups, to soundscape manipulations.