Cedric Peyronnet

Guest Programmer
Cedric Peyronnet (Bellac/France)

Podcast: kdi dctb 209 [a]

“A totally improvised radio piece dealing with the relationships I can draw between some of the works I’ve done these last 10 years. I revisit the archives 1998-2008. My work is always “site” based: a place is explored, recorded, played, then becomes a matter for the studio work; a piece is always about a place, and is always composed only with sound material gathered in – a really very important point to me. It is never a ‘phonography’ of the place but an interpretation of the place. ” ~ Cedric Peyronnet

Cedric Peyronnet (aka toy.bizarre / ingeos) is a sound artist working since 1990 with phonography and soundscapes, using the principles of concrete, acousmatic, electroacoustic music. Peyronnet’s practice of “sound mapping”, the exploration of places by sound recording, listening and sound sculpting, take form in compositions and sound pieces, concerts, sound screenings and sound installations.