Guest Programmer
Once11 (Brugges/ Montevideo/ LA)

Podcast: All Together Wrong

What is on this podcast? Trials, plan B’s, errors and rehearsals, leftovers and whoulda-coulda-shouldas, the stuff remaining under the wet hood: the little fellas that didn’t make it. Sketches, leftovers and drafts: an amalgam of wrongs.

These 11 tracks date from 1999 til 2009, since “bounced” they are no longer editable (a couple are mis-mixes from “Smile Hunter”). They are the elaborate trials of my inner professional artistoid, working the “crashing patching and doodling of doing”, on some very nice afternoons (obviously with the intention of making of all the right mistakes) next to the roaches and fliers and the hope filled tool bags of the sleepwalking artisan.