AF029 - Wake Up and Listen - Thoughts Flash

Thoughts Flash

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Thoughts Flash comprises two hallucinatory tracks from Wake Up and Listen’s unreleased debut album. Recorded in the late 1990s, the album featured a number of studio recordings, as well as edited excerpts from WUAL’s long-running radio show on 2MBS-FM. The technique of condensing extended radio improvisations into relatively short pieces, as on these two tracks, suggested a fruitful direction for the duo, however Bertram and O’Neill spent the following years focusing on other projects, with WUAL continuing primarily as a live act (their 2001 mini-album Mustard Keanu notwithstanding). WUAL’s recorded archives are nevertheless extensive, and it is likely that more material will be published on their website as well as on future Alias Frequencies releases.


AF021 - Plenum - The Sexual Politics of Cheese

Plenum - The Sexual Politics of Cheese

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New technologies and techniques for excavating the unconscious.


AF000 - Shannon O'Neill - Minimal/Liminal

Shannon O'Neill - Minimal/Liminal

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Shannon O’Neill’s first solo album. Recordings from the mid to late 1990s, exploring ambient dub, proto-glitch and electroacoustic soundscapes.