Radio Metamix broadcast on FBi Radio’s Ears Have Ears

The radiophonic feature Radio Metamix, a 2007 collaboration between Lloyd Barrett, Lucas Darklord, Buttress O’Kneel, Rik Rue and Shannon O’Neill, was broadcast on Sunday February 26, 2012 on FBi Radio’s Ears Have Ears.



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AF040 – Radio Metamix

Radio Metamix

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Five of Australia’s leading sound artists interpret the idea of remix for radio.

  • Lloyd Barrett remixes dreams, nightmares and talkback radio
  • Lucas Darklord remixes the culture of Black Metal
  • Buttress O’Kneel remixes her favourite remixers, including Negativland, John Oswald and Coldcut
  • Rik Rue remixes his own history of remixing
  • Shannon O’Neill remixes all of the above.

Radio Metamix was broadcast on ABC Radio National’s The Night Air on July 1, 2007, as part of the Liquid Architecture festival.



Liquid Architecture 10

Festival of Sound Arts
Sydney, 24-27 June, 2009

Liquid Architecture 10 will be a landmark occasion for the festival and for sound culture in Australia. Celebrating its tenth consecutive year, the Liquid Architecture sound arts festival will be held across three city venues, The Performance Space, the University of Technology Sydney and Hermann’s Bar, presenting an exciting program of contemporary sound arts. With a decade of experience to draw upon the diverse program features live events and installations showcasing the highest quality sound work in an intense, focused listening environment.

Sydney Directors: Jennifer Teo & Shannon O’Neill
Production Manager: Sarah Davies


AF029 - Wake Up and Listen - Thoughts Flash

Thoughts Flash

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Thoughts Flash comprises two hallucinatory tracks from Wake Up and Listen’s unreleased debut album. Recorded in the late 1990s, the album featured a number of studio recordings, as well as edited excerpts from WUAL’s long-running radio show on 2MBS-FM. The technique of condensing extended radio improvisations into relatively short pieces, as on these two tracks, suggested a fruitful direction for the duo, however Bertram and O’Neill spent the following years focusing on other projects, with WUAL continuing primarily as a live act (their 2001 mini-album Mustard Keanu notwithstanding). WUAL’s recorded archives are nevertheless extensive, and it is likely that more material will be published on their website as well as on future Alias Frequencies releases.



'Shannon O'Neill

Guest Programmer
Shannon O’Neill (Sydney)

Shannon O’Neill is an artist, academic and curator who works across music, radio, Internet, performance, text, video and installation. Shannon works as a lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney and is currently completing a PhD in music at the University of Wollongong.

He has been a director of the Electrofringe festival (2001-02), the Disorientation series (2003), and the Sydney Liquid Architecture festival (2005-07) and is the founder of Alias Frequencies, an organisation that promotes and publishes music and media art.

He contributed a chapter to the new book Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia.

This edition of ELEVENELEVEN features all Australian artists.


AF023 – Melds


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Aquatic glitch-dub by Shannon O’Neill and Andie Reynolds.


AF022 - Projek Lansac - Alien Communication

Projek Lansac - Alien Communication

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An introduction to humanity for alien listeners.


AF021 - Plenum - The Sexual Politics of Cheese

Plenum - The Sexual Politics of Cheese

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New technologies and techniques for excavating the unconscious.


AF019 - The Splinter Orchestra - Petit Mal

The Splinter Orchestra - Petit Mal

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The Splinter Orchestra’s first recording.