Alias Frequencies promotes and publishes art and music.

Beginning as a radio program on 2MBS-FM in the mid-1990s, Alias Frequencies became a record label in 2000. In recent years it has organised events, such as the Liquid Architecture festival in Sydney, and has provided web hosting for artists. It is currently focused on publishing art and music online, with a netlabel and podcast.

We are interested in all things experimental, electronic, collage, and outsider.

Artists include Lloyd Barrett & Paul Forbes-Mitchell, BOK Darklord, Lucas Darklord, Hinterlandt, League of Infinite Justice, Liebeslieder, Lieutenant Colonel Spastic Howitzer, Ivan Lisyak, Melds, Buttress O’Kneel, Shannon O’Neill, Plenum, Projek Lansac, Puzahki, Radio Metamix, Radio Mull, Rik Rue, Secret Killer of Names, Spinal Machine, The Splinter Orchestra, Total Disease, Wake Up and Listen, and John Watermann.

Alias Frequencies is curated and managed by Shannon O’Neill. The Eleven Eleven podcast is produced by Jennifer Teo.