AF002 - Puzahki - Smoking When Pregnant

Smoking When Pregnant

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Puzahki’s debut album. Mind-melting breakcore.

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Video: Pc(Ar)- Kiss of Death 5:02 AVI

Made by Craig Parry, Brisbane, 2003.

Co-production, cuts & recording by Sir William Gull.
Vocals on track 5 by S.W. Gull.
Vocals on track 6 by S.W. Gull & Puzahki.
Vocals on track 12 by Herts Solvent.

Mastered by Shannon O’Neill at Section 8.

Puzahki & S.W. Gull would like to send out a warm ‘Fuck You’ to everyone who didn’t listen. Additionally we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has represented in word and text and anyone we have had the pleasure of collaborating with. Thank You.

2003 Alias Frequencies AF002

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