AF027 – Lloyd Barrett & Paul Forbes-Mitchell – Humming through Schizophonic Air

Humming through Schizophonic Air

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The pieces on this album were created using a specially designed system code-named “Habitat”.  Autonomous artificial agents feed on live and prepared sound and vision, excreting their own mutated variations which are then collected and presented for listener edification.  The process is the culmination of combined research by Paul and Lloyd in the construction of a live electro-acoustic audiovisual engine that draws from both academic and underground practices. All material presented was originally generated live and has been edited only to remove fatty excesses.


01 noh dreams in the concrete forest 11:28
02 cracked shell brings life 3:46
03 once where the bowerbird sang 4:24
04 always share your whistling friend 4:05
05 now whirling beak to heel 3:31
06 no sound more musical penetrates the air 3:51
07 ghost calls from the abandoned aviary 6:18
08 defenestration not deforestation 3:44
09 untitled 5:20

Total time: 46:27

Made by Lloyd Barrett & Paul Forbes-Mitchell, Brisbane, 2006-2007.

2009 Alias Frequencies AF027