AF028 - Lucas Darklord - Handheld Apocalypse

Lucas Darklord - Handheld Apocalypse

Selections from Anthologies 2 & 3

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These selections represent a sample of individual works, experiments and never-to-be finished pieces produced between 2005 and 2007. Some pieces mark the beginnings of failed projects or redundant tangents, whilst others came to be for unknown reasons. All compositions are intended for most appropriate use in managerial meeting rooms, excecutive boardrooms, vaults, darkness, at volume and with influence. It is advised that this composition be played in all work places both before and after work each day. This music is without genre and is Dark Corporate Techno, Dark Grinding Corporate Ambience, Dark Corporate Art Core and 21st Century All Family Punk. As such it is intended for consumption by all, and so it should be. Music for Everyone. If you listen, you’ll hear that Lucas Darklord is pleased that you are.


01 Also Cautious 4:03
02 Complete Commodification 0:21
03 untitled 003 6:35
04 Data Interception 4:59
05 New Faces in Global Capitalism 14:37
06 Nothing #12 11:46
07 Battery (of Melancholy) 2:21
08 Handheld Apocalypse 4:26
09 Nothing But Success 0:15
10 Higher and Higher 3:55
11 Analytics 0:07
12 Effectively Integrating Them 3:00
13 At Least Half a Percent Off 0:18
14 Bloated Bureaucracies 0:11
15 Innovating Enterprises 3:00
16 A Serious Constraint 2:45
17 Driving Data 4:37
18 Backlog of Upcoming Floats 27:19

Total time: 1:34:38

Made by Lucas Darklord, 2005-2007.

2009 Alias Frequencies AF028

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