AF036 – Buttress O’Kneel – Compop 12.4: NonCore

Compop 12.4: NonCore

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Buttress decided to follow her accessible, poppy, enjoyable album “Hard DadaPop” with one of the most difficult listens she’s ever created.  Although she writes this album off as simply “what happens when I listen to too much Venetian Snares”, it still has the unmistakable “O’Kneel” stamp all over it.  Sure, it’s mostly all in 7, sure, it’s 100% extreme digital breakcore, and, sure, it’s filled with stretched and glitched noise passages that would make Mr Funk shake his furry head, but it also incorporates enough elements of Billy Idol, Black Sabbath, Operator Please, and I Dream Of Genie that it could only be the work of B’O’K.  More like an EP that remixes itself three times than an album, “NonCore” is nonetheless 100% Interwebmegalink-approved.


01 Paragon Humanoid 3:38
02 CandyBrain (CandyCastle Diamond Mix) 5:07
03 Ghirghtteur (Child Sacrifice Mix) 4:21
04 The Dog’s Out 1:54
05 BeefJerky (BeefGenie Mix) 4:27
06 CandyBrain (RockingChair Mix) 3:42
07 The River (in Frozen Droplets) 7:20
08 C is for Satan (Blood and War Mix) 5:08
09 Schlagenzeuger 5:18
10 BeefJerky (Jerky Mix) 4:54
11 Brotherhood of the Snake 5:20
12 Ghirghtteur (Moloch’s Feast Mix) 4:49
13 Granular RudeStyle 5:43
14 CandyBrain (Sweet SixSixSixteen Mix) 3:28
15 Breakcore Is Like Totally Over 12:05

Total time: 1:17:04

Created by Buttress O’Kneel. All rites reversed March/April 2008.

A psubconscious analysis and interpretation of PostSatanic Child Sacrifices and MetaSacrifices as performed by Mind-Controlled Humyn Slaves of the Global Reptilian Puppet Computer God Gangster Government.

An InterWebMegaLink BrainShackle MindKey PermaCulture MemeMusick Initiative.

2009 Alias Frequencies AF036