AF043 – Lucas Darklord – …like horses

Lucas Darklord - horses

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“Isn’t there something in your mind, that says, this is wrong, this is wrong on every level?”

At the time, at the time, it was like… it was…

…like horses, you know?

Comprised of two parts,* …like horses is presented as the ultimate in dark corporate stoner reflective/receptive grinding face core.

Listen to …like horses at maximum volume, as set during the first track. Shifts in density and volume have been tailored to best function at a minimum of 90dB.

…like horses is recommended as perfect for long drives late at night, for community and public radio, for all intoxicated people, for going to sleep, for those days at work, and for ALL human life on the planet.

*Each part is approximately 45 minutes in duration. The first part is made up of tracks 1 to 6, and the second part is tracks 7 to 12. If burning to a cd, or playing as mp3 files, there should be no gaps added between tracks. Silence has been added to the tracks where it is required. Please people; we’ve put time and money into this. Don’t fuck it up now.

Made by Lucas Darklord, 2009.

2011 Alias Frequencies AF043