Furthermore 2005-02-10

furthermore…playlist for thursday, february ten, two thousand and five, from one to three a.m.
presented by adrian bertram on 2mbs-fm, 102.5mhz, sydney

title ~ artist ~ release ~ label

Dirty Harry/Theme from Enter the Dragon ~ Lalo Schifrin ~ Most Wanted 1968-79 ~ Boutique
Tracks 8-13,17 ~ General Patton vs The X-ecutioners ~ Joint Special Operations Task Force


Furthermore 2005-01-13

furthermore…playlist for thursday, january thirteen, two thousand and five, from one to three a.m.
presented by adrian bertram, ben byrne and shannon o’neill on 2mbs-fm 102.5mhz, sydney.

title ~ artist ~ release ~ label

On Sound Art/John Cleese Noise Study ~ Warren Burt ~ Appropriate Pieces ~ unreleased
Untitled ~ Thembi Soddell ~ ACMA 2004 ~ ACMA


AF004 - Hinterlandt - New Belief System

New Belief System

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Life is diverse and so is this record. The music on New Belief System does not stay in the same place for too long, it moves on. Like on a journey, the listener can witness a great number of different shapes and colours – strange things and familiar things, known sounds and unknown sounds, common harmonies and disturbing noises, nice melodies and distorted crackles. There are fairly detailed, pointy bits as well as lush ambiences, merging into each other, replacing each other; and as they appear and disappear you may give up on following and just sit back and see it as what it is: music.


AF003 - Rik Rue - Voice Capades

Rik Rue - Voice Capades

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Vocal fragments in loops and rhythms. A study in wordless vocal dislocations.


AF007 - League of Infinite Justice - Ambitions of Empire

Ambitions of Empire

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This was their finest hour. As mad king George continued in his unending search for invisible targets the War on Terror spanned the globe, drawing battle lines wherever and whenever possible. The League, amused by this vainglorious display, prepared once again for mobilisation.