Alias Frequencies netlabel welcomes submissions from invited artists, and for specific projects such as public calls for works.

The following guidelines apply to all submissions for label consideration:

How to submit

Use the form at the bottom of this page. We do not accept email attachments or snail mail.

Add a link to a single ZIP file containing all relevant material, which you have hosted on your own server, or on a file hosting service.

Include a 100 word artist bio and a 100 word description of the work.

Tick the box to agree to the conditions on this page.


All material must be ready for publication, eg audio should be mastered.

Artwork is required for all submissions except compilation contributions. Artwork should be a 1200 x 1200px PNG file. Non-square artwork may be cropped for some uses. If submitting multiple images, please specify one as the main (eg ‘front cover’) image. Please also include an image for your artist bio.

Audio files must be at least 16bit 44.1kHz resolution, encoded in FLAC with maximum compression, and include meta data such as artist name and titles.

Video files should be mkv format, x264 codec, with a resolution of 720p, and a frame rate of at least 24 fps. Video must not be interlaced.


You retain the copyright to your work, but by submitting it you agree to grant Alias Frequencies a non-exclusive right to publish it in perpetuity, under a licence which enables it to be freely downloaded and reused. Alias Frequencies does not pay artist royalties or fees for publication.

You warrant that the copyright in the material is yours, or is authorized, or constitutes fair use or fair dealing under applicable laws. You agree to indemnify Alias Frequencies against, and take sole responsibility for, any legal issues relating to your material.

Publication is at the discretion of Alias Frequencies. We may choose not to publish, request changes before publication, remove material from publication, or publish it elsewhere. Alias Frequencies may remaster, encode, transcode, edit or otherwise modify your work in preparing it for publication.

Submission Form